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The Day I learned I have mad skills at tossing trash

This morning I woke up to the distant yet distinctive sound of the garbage truck. For about ten seconds I stared dully at the green glow of my alarm clock and groaned when I registered that it was only 7:24am. I snuggled back under my blankets hoping to sleep for just another fifteen minutes. But then, yelling out “Oh crap!”, I jumped out of bed. I totally forgot to take my trash out last night. And the funny thing is I had my bag of garbage sitting right next to the door leading from my kitchen to my garage all ready to go out. But, in my defense, it was raining hard all evening last night. I kept telling myself that I would take it out as soon as the rain slowed, but it never did and I kind of forgot about it.

So I ran down to my kitchen and grabbed my garbage. I had just opened my garage door and started down my driveway when the garbage truck stopped in front of my neighbor’s house. Waving one arm wildly in the air, I yelled “I’m right here! Don’t leave!” Luckily, the trash collector saw me. He leaned against the truck and chuckled. And I was a sight to behold. I was in my bright blue shorty pajamas that were covered in tiny ice cream cones, no bra, bed-head going crazy, and wearing an old pair of flip flops. The flip flops are so old and worn that they slide off my feet. That’s why I only wear them if I need to go into my garage for something. And, as luck would have it, one of my flips actually flopped (I know. I’m such a dork!). I was rushing so fast that my left flip flop flew off my foot and down my driveway. So I had to chase after it. In my chase I dropped my garbage bag, so after I got my flip flop back on I had to go back and pick it up. Ugh! I think it was only because I was still half asleep that I didn’t die on the spot of embarrassment. (And I think that’s the most I ever typed “flip flops” in my life!)

And guess what?! The trash guy let me put my bag of garbage on the truck myself! Don’t ask me why (once again I blame me still being half asleep) but I asked if I could. At first he said that it was against the rules (is that really a thing??) but if I didn’t tell anyone I could do it. (I’m realizing now I’m breaking that promise, so shh! Don’t tell anyone!!) So I did and I nailed it! As you can see it doesn’t take much to amuse me. Then the trash man asked if I wanted to take a ride in the truck. I thought this was weird because if it was against the rules (???) for me to put my own garbage in the bin thingy then wouldn’t it also be forbidden for me to take a ride? I just looked down at myself and said, “In my jammies?” He told me it was fine, but I declined. But to be nice I told him maybe some other time (never going to happen).

I did a little work this morning and then, this afternoon, I grabbed my camera and went on a drive. Where I live the trees are just starting to change color. The trees are mostly green but you can see shades of orange, red, and yellow here and there. I love it when the trees start to change color. And they just get more and more beautiful as the months pass. Normally I use my phone when I take random pictures here and there. But in the fall I always take out my big camera and snap dozens of pictures. I am definitely a leafer and proud of it!

I drove to this huge park that abuts the large city that’s closest to me. It has a several lakes and trails for hiking. There is even a golf course on the one side of it. I parked and went wandering with my camera. I stayed on the main trail because it was clearly marked and, if I didn’t, there would have been a good chance that I would have gotten lost. And I enjoyed spending a few hours simply taking pictures. My sneakers got muddy, but the cool air was calming and I came home feeling so relaxed and at peace.

My cop friend did not like it that I was at the park all by myself. But to be fair, he didn’t find my little story about my trash fiasco this morning to be funny either, especially after I mentioned how the guy offered me a ride. He made me promise never to take him up on it. Which, honestly, I was never going to. But my cop friend was just like “never get into a car with someone you don’t know”, “who knows what he would have done if you got into the truck with him”, blah blah blah…. I mean, he does have a valid point but still I wanted to say, “Dude, you need to chill” - especially knowing I was never going to take him up on the offer.

(Side note: When he said I should never get into a car with someone I didn’t know, I countered with the fact that I got into a car with him without knowing anything about him when he drove me home from the hospital when I had that allergic reaction. He said the difference was that he was a police officer and had no intentions of killing me. Kissing me, most definitely. But he wasn’t going to anything to me that I didn’t want and wouldn’t enjoy. So, yeah…. I wanted to say “Aww, that’s sweat” at the same time that my face turned pink. I was so glad we were talking on the phone so he didn’t see.)

Then I got another lecture when he heard I was all by myself in the middle of a woodsy area. I got more of the “anything could have happened since you were all by yourself” and “do you know how many psychos are out there?” type of speech. And he wasn’t appeased even after I told him I took my pepper spray with me. I told him I was thinking about going back out there tomorrow to explore some other trails (with some help from a park map and my phone). I enjoyed myself so much that I wanted to take more pictures, and I told him if he wanted he could join me. He didn’t hesitate in saying “yes” (which I thought was nice) since he has the day off. He even said he’d take me to lunch. So, guess who has a date tomorrow??!!! I’m not sure if it could really be considered a “date-date”. But there’s an activity and food involved so I’m calling it one!



9:59 p.m. - 2020-10-02


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